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Pork Stuffed Apple Rings


This strange idea has actually been in my head since the summer when I made this pineapple roll. Basically I thought to myself, hmm what else can I do this to? This is sort of the beginning of the idea, but you could take it many different places. Bake these lying on their side with some sort of sauce and you have apple canneloni or manicotti. Serve them whole with rice, or cut them up into bite sized appetizers with some dipping sauce. Any way you do it, it's a unique concept with creative flavors and textures sure to wow your guests.

The pork filling. I was going for kinda like a meatball, kinda like a wonton.

I have these metal tubes that came with my sausage stuffer that I use for these sort of jobs.

I COULD have also stuffed the whole big apple, but that isn't what I was going for on this day. If you make these, save the apple pieces for snacking or pie!

Things are shaping up nicely.

Apple tube.

Stuff with the filling and bake for awhile at 350. Mine were in for about half hour but when I sliced into one it wasn't quite cooked so I let them stay in 15 minutes longer.

As I mentioned, you could serve these whole over rice.

But I thought they were classy as mini appetizers.

BBQ sauce was good with these, but I bet some sort of spicy-sweet jam would be perfect.

How did you get that sausage inside of an apple?!?

The pork filling was ground pork, egg, parm, breadcrumbs, scallions, garlic, and a pinch of cinnamon and allspice. Follow the photos for tips on how to cut the apples.


Once again, never would have thought of this but would love to eat it. Very neat idea!

Where's the pumpkin soup? Chop chop

After slicing into rolls, could you lightly pan fry these in some butter (or something) to caramelize the apple?

Or maybe just hit them with the souffle blowtorch?

Apple sausage bites! Looks delish! I like how you left the colorful apple skin from the top and bottom of the apple.

Wow. Those look amazing. You have all the best ideas. Pork and apple is a great combo, but I would never think to put it together like this.

Yum these would be so nice with that Ikea Lingonberry sauce mmmm

This is genius!

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