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Fall Pizzas


Last week I mysteriously disappeared for awhile. No worries though, I am alive and well. Just really busy! If anyone wants their money back, just send me an email and I will give you a full refund. Now on with the recipes! After the long week I had, I wanted to unwind with some pizzas on Friday night. A few friends came over and we cooked up 3 tasty pies with seasonal ingredients. This time of the year everyone craves fall flavors, and these pizzas were a great introduction to the season.

The first one was sage and squash. I browned some butter with sage and garlic to use as the sauce.

Some cheese and then the squash rounds. These are easy to slice from the neck of a small butternut squash.

The second pizza was sausage and cranberries. Just brown up the sausage a bit then toss in the cranberries. Cook until some of them start to break.

Then just top the pizza with the sausage, cranberries, sauce, and cheese.

The last pizza was inspired by a brussel pie my friend and rival macheesemo recently made. The main difference was I tossed my sprouts in oil and let them sit on top of the pizza so they could char up a bit.  And mine also didn't have basil.

Very tasty! My favorite of the night.


Ooh, the brussels sprouts one look fabulous

Excellent ideas!! I want to replicate them all.

The brussel sprout bacon one was real good. If I wasn't already so full from cereal and 2 other pizzas and chips and salsa, I would have eaten the entire pizza.

Nice char on those sprouts sir!

I've been wanting to try making a brussels sprouts pizza. Did you just follow the other ingredients on macheesmo's? I was afraid the blue cheese might overwhelm all of the other flavors so was leaning towards some other type of cheese. What did you use/think?


Yeah, I was really impressed by the sprout pie as well. I have to ask though, how was the cranberry-sausage pizza. I love Hawaiian style pizza, so I realize how hypocritical this sounds, but I just can't picture a cranberry on a pizza.

Oh yum sausage and cranberry pizza! Some toasted pinenuts or cashews would go nice too.

Ps. Hi Dan, been a long time :)

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