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Braised Sausage and Veggies with Millet


Have you guys seen The Walking Dead on AMC? Normally I am not the biggest Horror guy, but I love this show. At times it can be cheesy and cliche, but mostly it is edge of your seat, hold your breath (so the zombies wont find you) tense and exciting. Some friends got together for the season 2 premiere this week, so I knew I had to make some sort of zombie food. My first thought was buying calf brains at Savnors, but after a quick poll I realized that no one would eat them. I decided instead on some sausages. They kinda look like guts right? And the casing is made out of intestine after all. I served the sausages with every vegan zombies favorite food: GRAINNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Hipster zombie from the first season wants some of that action.

Photoshop expert.

Millet tastes best if you toast it first. After this, just cook it like rice.

I would have used my blue pot for this, but it's on loan to my friends for a lamb cookoff. You can see it in action in this awesome recipe! If you like it, be sure to vote for them here.

So tasty, this really hit the spot after a gloomy rainy day.

Right as we sat down to eat, the most gruesome scene in the whole episode came on and we thought we had made a huge mistake.

The millet was pretty cous cous like, where I had expected it to be more quinoa like.

I went pretty rustic with this one. For sausages I just got a few different varieties from the nearest butcher. Sear the sausages and remove. Toss in some onion and pepper, let them start to brown. Add garlic, then one minute later, cans of diced tomato. Return sausages to pot and bring to a simmer for about 20 minutes. Add paprika, oregano, some red pepper flake, zucchini, and broccoli rabe. Stir and cover. Let simmer 15 more minutes. For the millet, I did 2 cups in some hot oil, stir till starting to toast. Toss in 5 cups stock, cover and simmer lightly for about 20 minutes.


I really can't explain why the vegan zombie joke made me laugh so hard. I've never had millet before, but this whole recipe looks pretty tasty (though I've never seen broccoli rabe in Idaho,) and I am in need of some good zombie food myself. I haven't watched any of "The Walking Dead" yet due to a lack of cable, but season one just went up on Netflix and I was looking to fire it up this weekend. (The graphic novels are great though!)

Hahha, vegan zombie's favorite food. Love it. Millet is not used nearly enough. I haven't cooked with it probably since I was vegan back in high school.

I actually just finally started watching Season 1 on Netflix last night - and I'm definitely diggin' the show! I love rustic sausage dishes like this =)

I don't care that it was the nastiest scene in all of television (maybe, maybe not), if we were pretending to be zombies eating zombie food, why not eat while gross stuff is happening on tv?

I was very surprised at how good this meal was.

Yum. I'm a total hipster zombie.

I really love millet... mostly because it tastes more like cous cous and not like quinoa (which I cannot stand)... I think it is really underrated (probably because it's more commonly used for bird food) I load it up with butter or olive oil, romano and/or parm, basil and sundried tomatoes... I just love the stuff...

Your recipe rocks... easy but delicious comfort food.

My boyfriend is a zombie fanatic... though, I'm not sure if he is aware of The Walking Dead on AMC... I'll have to link him to your post!

Love the show. But I've got to say that Season 2 has yet to grip me like Season 1 did.

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