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A Creepy Roll


That isn't some weird gimick or candy octopus. It's an actual baby octopus I purchased at my local fish market! I used it to make some creepy sushi for my friends earlier this week. This isn't an elaborate recipe or anything. Just a few pics of the final sushi. Hope you guys have a good Halloween! Any good costumes? I might be a beet, but I'm not sure if I will be able to pull it together in time...

If anyone in Boston wants to make sushi, I can't stress enough that you need to get down to Allston and get some fish at sakanaya! it's crazy fresh and the selection is unbelievable.

Here is the little baby octopus. Octopi? I heard someone say they are going to be Octopi boston for halloween this year...

A selection of green and black maki were very festive for the occasion. The green sesame seeds are dusted in wasabi.

The baby octopus wasn't great honestly. I love octopus, but this was a little chewy. It was also hard to eat the whole thing in one pop, while at the same time difficult to nicely cut it into two pieces!  I'm guessing this is because it was a little overcooked.  The dots are salmon roe.

Have a good weekend, I'll be back Tuesday.  If you need some last minute Halloween ideas, Macheesmo has been totally killing it this week.


I love baby octopus salads, but never tried the suckers on sushi! Great idea Dan =)

That looks fantastic. I applaud your choice of name for the blog.

Octopi Boston - that's funny :)
Happy Halloween my droogies!

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