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October 2011 Archives

Simple Tomato Soup (and a tomato tasting event)

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My friends at Tablespoon invited me to an awesome Muir Glen tomato tasting event a few weeks ago. We all hung around, cooked a bit, and tasted some tomatoes! I posted a few pics from the event, and the Tomato Soup recipe that we made together, over on tablespoon, so check it out!

Peanut Noodles in a Tamarind Sauce with Ginger Chicken Meatballs


This dish was hard you guys! I thought it was gonna be easy, but the peanut noodles proved to be a little tricky. The problem here was that there is a lot of oil in peanut butter and it really affected the properties of the pasta dough. It was so oily that it was slipping on the pasta rollers and not going through the machine. I added some water and flour to bring down the peanut ratio and was finally able to wrangle it. The dish came out great in the end, a nice twist on Pad Thai flavors.

A Creepy Roll


That isn't some weird gimick or candy octopus. It's an actual baby octopus I purchased at my local fish market! I used it to make some creepy sushi for my friends earlier this week. This isn't an elaborate recipe or anything. Just a few pics of the final sushi. Hope you guys have a good Halloween! Any good costumes? I might be a beet, but I'm not sure if I will be able to pull it together in time...

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Apple Green Tea Cocktail

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In my family, we love John Dalys in the summer. This year I tried to put a seasonal twist on the drink for fall. I think it came out great! Check out the Apple Green Tea Cocktail on Tablespoon. Also to the naysayers (you know who you are), it looks pretty green to me!

Pork Stuffed Apple Rings


This strange idea has actually been in my head since the summer when I made this pineapple roll. Basically I thought to myself, hmm what else can I do this to? This is sort of the beginning of the idea, but you could take it many different places. Bake these lying on their side with some sort of sauce and you have apple canneloni or manicotti. Serve them whole with rice, or cut them up into bite sized appetizers with some dipping sauce. Any way you do it, it's a unique concept with creative flavors and textures sure to wow your guests.

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Sriracha Peanut Candy Bars


Nothing beats homemade candy bars for Halloween. I said this exact sentence last week, but I don't care, I stand by it. It may be a bit of work, but it's super rewarding and your friends will be crazy impressed. The fun of making candy bars, is you get to play around with the flavors and make something a bit more interesting than your standard convenient store bars. These guys have a caramel nougat with salty peanuts and a dash of sriracha hot sauce, just to keep 'em guessing! I had a similar candy bar at Kogi, the Korean taco truck, and have had it on my Halloween list ever since.

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Braised Sausage and Veggies with Millet


Have you guys seen The Walking Dead on AMC? Normally I am not the biggest Horror guy, but I love this show. At times it can be cheesy and cliche, but mostly it is edge of your seat, hold your breath (so the zombies wont find you) tense and exciting. Some friends got together for the season 2 premiere this week, so I knew I had to make some sort of zombie food. My first thought was buying calf brains at Savnors, but after a quick poll I realized that no one would eat them. I decided instead on some sausages. They kinda look like guts right? And the casing is made out of intestine after all. I served the sausages with every vegan zombies favorite food: GRAINNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Monster Cereal Candy Bars

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Around this time of year, nothing beats homemade candy bars. Or Boo Berry. This recipe is both those things. I have another candy bar queued up for next week, but for now, check out the Monster Cereal Candy Bars on Tablespoon.  I love the comment on that article.  Anonymous says: WHAT?!?!  Can you guys top that?

Butternut Mustard (On a Brussel Burger)


I had a bunch of leftovers from my pizzas last week, so I cooked up a tasty burger this past Friday with them. I love having leftover ingredients because sometimes I get extra creative about how to use them, and rather than conceptualizing a dish for a week like I normally do, I just get to improvise. That's where this awesome squash mustard came from

Enchilada Manicotti

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Late post this morning, cause this one just went up on Tablespoon but I wanted to post it here today as well. The blogging team over there has been having a lot of fun this week promoting the Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook and I finally joined the party this morning with my Enchilada Manicotti.  When combining flavors as awesome as these, you can't really go wrong!

Cuban Sandwich Dip


About a year or so ago, I was on a mission to change every famous sandwich into a dip. I made a few awesome dips out of sandwiches, but it hasn't been a feature on here for awhile. Today I am announcing that its back! There are a few more neat ideas up my sleeve for this feature, but for now, a more obvious one that I missed earlier. I love Cuban sandwiches and have played with the flavors a few times in the past, but this dip was the true essence of a Cuban in a nice bite sized form.

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Fall Pizzas


Last week I mysteriously disappeared for awhile. No worries though, I am alive and well. Just really busy! If anyone wants their money back, just send me an email and I will give you a full refund. Now on with the recipes! After the long week I had, I wanted to unwind with some pizzas on Friday night. A few friends came over and we cooked up 3 tasty pies with seasonal ingredients. This time of the year everyone craves fall flavors, and these pizzas were a great introduction to the season.

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Red Curry Marinated Chicken


Oh here is that chicken I was talking about last week. Even though I had intended for the noodles to be a side, they actually went really well together. Be back tomorrow with a sandwich made into a dip (we haven't done that one in a while huh?) but until then, check the red curry marinated chicken on tablespoon