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Surf and Turf Burger


This installment of cooking across the state brings us to Worcester, MA where I stayed with some friends for a weekend. In a series of emails the morning I was heading there, I asked what kind of delicious burgers I should make. I kinda wanted a riff on surf and turf, so I first brainstormed an idea that involved a patty made from ground tuna and ground beef mixed together. This idea grossed me out, so the next idea was "ballin burgers" topped with a fresh lobster salad. This was immediately embraced by everyone and it was quickly decided that that would be the meal.

A simple yet flavorful dressing for the lobster.

Sal and I had a bunch of this on it's own, but we had to stop so there would be enough for the burgers.

These were really tasty. The acid from the banana peppers and juice mixed perfectly with the sriracha and lobster to create an excellent burger topper.


Be still my heart.
These look outrageously good. I'm in TN so the only lobster I get is from sad little tanks at the Food City. Oh to enjoy the bounty of Maine's resources! :) Way to live it up, Dan!

Umm, yes please! This burger sounds amazing - and I'm jealous of your ability to get fresh lobster on the East Coast! We're not as lucky in the Midwest =)

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