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Sour Noodles


There is a serious trap that is easy to fall into when cooking Asian style noodles. A little too much of one thing or another and the dish can quickly turn into what I like to call "Generic Asian". Its usually delicious, and can taste vaguely Thai, sorta Korean, or even kinda Chineese, but when you end up with generic Asian noodles it's never really a win. These noodles were anything but. I set out to make a sour noodle after having a crazy sour broth at a Thai place last week. I dressed these noodles with a bunch of lime and a little sriracha and they came out sour and delicious. Thanks to a bit of a scheduling mistake, the chicken recipe isn't going up till next week, but trust me it's worth the wait!

Peppers and onions, followed by a ginger chile garlic paste.

. Add the noodles and the sauce which is basically a ton of lime, with a little honey and sriracha. Then I added the juice from the pan I cooked the chicken in. The chicken was marinaded in a red curry pase, but again, more on that next week.

Basil and mint finish it off.

Very tasty, very sour,

Remember, chicken recipe goes up next week

Cook sliced peppers and onions, add ginger/garlic/chile paste. add your cooked noodles. Add a sauce of: tons of lime, a little honey, some soy sauce, beef stock, and sriracha. Kill heat. Add basil and mint.


Looks tasty, are you going to put up a recipe with this one?

how much of each ingredient???

This looks really tasty. I understand exactly what you mean about "generic Asian," it's an easy trap to fall into when the basic flavor profiles are hanging around in your mind but you don't stop to plan out what you are making. Unfortunately, generic noodles are the kind I make most often. Hopefully these ones will help me break that tradition.

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