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New Kitchen Stir-Fry


It's moving season in Boston. Because of the large number of students in the city, everyones lease seems to be up on Sept 1. I'm not the only Boston food blogger who moved this past month. Any new kitchen deserves an inauguration. A first meal to help you get your bearings. Something you can cook in your sleep, but exciting enough to set the tone of future meals. I chose a simple stir fry to get things going here. Spicy, savory, and very filling, this dish definitely got me started on the right foot. At first I was worried that the move to an electric stove would be a major downgrade for me, but they have made huge leaps in electric stove technology! This thing is FAST and HOT. Way hotter than my last gas stove got. It boils water in half the time, has 5 burners and even has a convection oven. Not only that, but my freezer has a built in blast chiller. Yes, a blast chiller. Like on Iron Chef. I work at a gelato producer, and we don't even have a blast chiller!

Not many ingredients, but lots of flavor.  Oh and my counter top is very similar to macheesmo's now.  So don't get us confused!

Fry up the tofu nice.

I liked how the cubes of zucchini matched the tofu.

Fry a quick egg in the middle, then add your sauce and noodles.

I made this after I finally fit all my pots and kitchen stuff into the minimal cabinet space, so when I was eating I was finally done moving!  And it felt good.  Real good.


It's surprisingly fantastic how the uniformly sized cubes of tofu and zucchini make the whole dish look like it was professionally prepared.

Sometimes it's far too easy to forget that the details really matter.

I recently moved as well, and over the last few days have had a kitchen sink that's completely out of commission. Which for some reason makes the whole kitchen feel useless.

So I'm living vicariously through food blog posts while I eat deli sandwiches.

Counter copy-cat!!

Seriously though... sometimes they can be hell to photograph on.

Dan congrats on the move! Tofu and zucchini sound good together, yum!

I'm glad to hear the move went well! We have a new gas oven that is fantastic...and we're still getting used to the ability to grill!

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