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Habanero Corn Pork Chili


This may look like a normal chili, but the taste is something different. It's infused with fresh summer corn flavor, from the kernels in the chili to the deep corn essence in the broth. This meal came about when I was visiting my chile-head friends and one of them pulled out some red savinas grown in his friends backyard. The red savina chile is a type of habanero that is much hotter. It was at one time the hottest chile in the world until it was overtaken by the ghost. The weather was cloudy with a chance of Irene so a chili was the perfect choice for dinner. I wanted to pair the habaneros with corn and pork to create the base flavors for the stew.

Ahhhh the dreaded Red Savina

Step one is to make the broth and also cook the pork to a shredable level. Kill two birds with one burner by doing this together! In this pot is some pork butt, chicken stock, water, empty corn cobs, and dried chiles. Let this simmer away for about 3 hours.

So tender and delicious.

Now lets build the chile! Onions, zucchini and bell pepper.

Garlic and the red savinas go in next. Then cumin, oregano, paprika, and the chile-corn-pork broth.

Top with some sour cream and cheese. You're gonna need it cause this is HOT! We thought it would be a little hotter because we tasted the chiles before cooking and amost died, but after cooking them off a bit the flavor was toned down. I used all 5 savinas with the seeds in this dish.

8 fresh corn cobs, shuck and cut the corn off. Reserve the corn but put the empty cobs into a large pot. Add a 4 lb boneless pork butt, 10 new mexico chiles, 10 ancho chiles, 1 onion, and a few garlic cloves. Add a box of chicken stock and then fill with water until everything is mostly submerged.. Cook 3 hours on low heat until the meat is tender. Toss the cobs and pull the meat out for shredding. Skim any excess fat off the liquid mixture, then blend until smooth.

Next, saute some onion, zucchini, and bell pepper until translucent. About 10 minutes. Add garlic and your habaneros. Cook 2 minutes. Add a tablespoon or 2 of cumin and some oregano and paprika. Add your corn-chile-pork stock and bring to a simmer. Add the pork and corn reserved from earlier. Simmer about a half hour. finally, whisk in about a half cup of masa harina. This will bring the corn flavor home and thicken the stock a bit. Cook about 15 more minutes and serve with some cheese and sour cream.


Wow! Talk about heat! This would be a 10 out of 10 on the heat scale for me. I love the idea of the pork and corn/broth and will definitely try this "gringo style" with jalepeƱos. Great idea!

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