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Coffee Browned Mash Potatoes


Inspiration can hit at strange times. It was 945 on a weekday morning when I realized I hadn't eaten yet. I had been at work since 7 and I was starting to lose it. I was on the road so I quickly veered into a fast food establishment. Driving a lot for work, combined with being in a hurry most of the time means this can happen occasionally, and it's not something I am ashamed of. While stuffing a hash brown into my face and washing it down with iced coffee, something beautiful happened. I stopped for a brief moment amidst the chaos of my morning to enjoy a flavor combination I have never experienced. We've all had coffee with hash browns in the morning, but today, with both things on my tongue at the same time, the fried almost burnt potato was playing perfectly with the bitter black iced coffee. A flavor combination I needed to recreate only 2 days later at home.

Pouring the coffee over baked potatoes. This coffee looks pretty weak but it wasn't. I swear! Camera trickery.

Mix with scallions and cheese and sread into a baking dish.

mmmmm so much butter.

Be sure to brown it well in order to get the full effect of this flavor combo.

It totally worked! This plate tasted just like I had hoped. A slightly more grown up version of my coffee hash brown epiphaniy

Crispy, creamy, and delicious.

Bake your potatoes, place in bowl, pour over coffee and cream, mash, mix in scallions and cheese, place in baking dish, top with butter, bake and broil until browned on top and hot throughout.

I think the ratio was about 1 small coffee per 1.5 or 2 lbs potatoes. Taste and adjust to your likings.


I would have NEVER thought to add coffee to mashed potatoes! Love it!

I have noticed that you add coffee to savory dishes from time to time. I will admit, even though I like coffee, it doesn't appeal to me. What I had to stop and comment about was your mashed potatoes, or hashbrowns, whatever you want to call them. They look so good! Crunchy, buttery, creamy, YUM. I had no idea how to do that, and it is something I must try. Thanks for the inspiration.

i was wondering if mashed potato taste good with coffee and i found this post. you are not alone !

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