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Failures, moving, work, and other summer obligations have really gotten to me! I am exausted. Im taking a week off.  But for now, enjoy these wallpapers.  Also, while I'm gone you guys can follow me on google+.  It might sound funny to my friends, because I have avoided Facebook for 7 years, but yea, I am posting somewhat regularly on there.  So check it out!  Most of these wallpapers have a dual monitor option(2560x1024) for two 1280x1024 monitors next to each other. So many awesome wallpapers over the years, so be sure to check out the archives.


Enjoy your week off attending to RL obligations! The wallpapers are lovely as always. I can't remember, what are the mini-burgers? They look amazing! Then again, I'm a total sucker for cheese :)

You should put your awesome looking food pictures on FoodGawker, they look so much better than most of the ones on there currently!

Beautiful pictures. It's a shame you don't have you know, like a ton more.

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