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Spicy Mango Salad with Seared Scallops


When I made a noodle dish recently, I realized how well a mango reacts to a julienne slicer. In that dish however, the mango was sort of lost in with the noodles. This time I decided to let the spaghetti mango shine and only lightly dress it with some soy, garlic, cilantro, and habanero. This dish was super light and refreshing, and felt really elegant. Serve this as an app at your late august beach BBQ and your friends will never forget it.

Put away your stupid gun yo!

So pretty

Honestly I coulda done a better job searing off those scallops! What is this amateur hour?

Didn't matter, still delicious.

I actually ate 3 of these plates as my dinner.

Julienne 2 mangos, add one clove garlic microplanned, salt, pepper, soy sauce, cilantro, and habanero.  Toss.  Sear some scallops and serve together.


I just found you, and I WILL be making this very soon. YUM. two of my favorite things, mangos and scallops- oh and props for seasoned fruit. This dish would be great with a spicy tequila drink.

My friend and I made this tonight and it was fantastic! We added sauteed zucchini ribbons to the mango and it added a great cruch! Loved it!

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