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Fail - Hibiscus Syrup

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This wasn't some big epic failure or anything fun like that, just a storage issue really. You see, I bought the hibiscus about 6 months ago and stored it away with the rest of my spices. As you may know, I have been cleaning out my cabinets recently because I am moving in a few days. Found the hibiscus and decided to finally do something with it. I was working on a syrup that I planned to use in a margarita, and also incorporate in a mango salsa to serve with some fish. When I first tasted the hibiscus syrup, to my surprise, it tasted like curry! The bag it came in was not airtight, and in the cabinet my other spices permeated the delicate flower. Full on curry. It was unusable.

I was actually having some trouble photographing the hibiscus. I ended up with either super bright backgrounds or a big black blob of flowers. So double fail I guess.

So beautiful and deep dark purple. Too bad it tastes like spicy vindaloo. I WILL make this again and get even with the hibiscus, but probably not for awhile. If you want to check out a successful hibiscus recipe, my rival Macheesmo has a perfect one over on Tablespoon. (triple fail)

1 Comment

Woohoo curried syrup!

yea... those suckers are hard to photograph.

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