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Cleaning out the Kitchen: Spicy Shrimp and Corn with Bean Thread

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These cleaning out the kitchen dishes are never gonna end. Can you believe I have only lived in my apartment for 11 months? My pantry and freezer look like I have been here 10 years. In reality, I've lived in 12 different places in the past 10 years. I had some shrimp and corn in the freezer, and these bean thread cellophane noodles I actually bought by mistake about 8 months ago. Tossed in some Asian sauces and a habanero I found in the back of the veggie drawer, and I was eating in less than 20 minutes.

Shrimp go in next, then some soy sauce, sriracha, and gochujang. If you are a regular reader of this site and you don't always have gochujang in your fridge by now, then I have failed you.

Boil water and pour over noodles. Let soak until tender. Rinse because they are super starchy.

Pour the sauce over the noodles, mix, add in some cilantro, and serve. Soo good.

Ohh snap! This was hot! I didn't even realize while making it because the habanero was already cut, but it was 2 habs, a big scoop of gochujang, and a dousing of sriracha. So basically I put hot on hot and topped it with hot.

1 Comment

Dan this is making me hungry for Asian noodles! Those cellophane noodles are called sotanghon in the Philippines and it is usually sauteed with garlic, shredded chicken and annatto so it looks orange - pretty similar to how yours look! I really should start cooking more Asian food... Good job with cleaning out your pantry.

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