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Brazilian Brigadiero


The time off last week was very much needed! It feels so good to be back though, and I am well rested and refreshed. I have a shiny new apartment with a great kitchen that I can't wait to start cooking in! This week I am going to play catch-up on a few Tablespoon articles, and show you guys some awesome dishes I made in exchange for room and board while I was homeless for 2 weeks. First up, a tasty Brazilian treat that looks and tastes like a chocolate truffle, but has the consistency of caramel! Check out the Brazilian Brigadeiro recipe over on tablespoon.


Mmm brigadeiros are some of my favorite treats from living in Brazil! I've never seen that diverse a spread of toppings but looks great!

I love these - I didn't know they are called brigadieros, I usually just ask for chocolate balls!

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