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Mini empanadas made from arepa dough. I made these because I had some arepa flour lying around, so I thought why not? The results came out different than I expected. Super crispy on the outside almost to the point of tortilla chips, and fluffy pilowey arepa goodness on the inside. If you sold these at a fair or amusement park, you would be rich. (If you get rich off this idea, all I ask for is a few hundred bucks and free arepanadas for life)

First mix your arepa dough. The directions are on the package! As long as you get pre-cooked corn flour, you should be fine. I like the brand Harina P.A.N.

Stuff your arepanadas with any filling you like. I did some bbq chicken because I had it in the fridge.

Shallow fry until all sides are golden delicious.

Serve! I cut them open to serve because the shell was super crunchy.

Add a spoon of guac to your halved arepanadas and you have a perfect bite!


I'm a looong time fan (exceptionally quiet as far as comments go, though) and these look divine! The idea of the crunchy outer layer and the pillow soft inner layer...well, obviously, something made me finally comment! :) These look lovely and I'd like to say a great big, THANK YOU for all your amazing recipes. I made lazyman tamales for the 5th time last week, and the chowder recipe is another favorite. You're an awesome cook, and your website always cheers me up when I'm down. Props to you, dude, and keep up the awesome work. Also- mac and cheese burger response to Mr. Highfalootin' always makes me laugh. :D
Much love for the fantastic food ideas,

Jill is right - your recipes are creative, ridiculously tasty and your blog is a great way to get happy (and hungry).

Don't forget, if you end up selling these at a fair or amusement park, you'll be slaving away making hundreds of them one by one by one by one...

Hmm, I'm a little confused as to what Arepanadas are.
Are they like Gorditas? I googled them and nothing useful came back.

If your talking about tortillas and mixes, this is the closest thing I can find.

Please elaborate. Thank you.

So cute! I'm obsessed with mini foods. And anything that can be topped with guac!

I'm a big fan of anything mini - all the easier for popping in your mouth!These look great.

Can these be on the menu at our Creepery?

You are a genius, sir. Genius.

Hey there!

I love all of your recipes they are always super rich and comfort style. I am actually Venezuelan and was amazed at seeing a bit of Venezuelan recipes. I know that most people in the states know the Cuban or Chilean style empanadas that are wheat based, but in empanadas we make our empanadas out of the same arepa dough (which we use mostly the brand: Harina PAN). In fact, that Harina P.A.N. is used to make many things: arepas, empanadas, bollitos, mandocas (sweet plantain based semi pretzel thing), guapitos (like a tamale), etc.

The things that you did above are actually closest to a "bollito (pelon)" (which is actually a very vulgar way of saying a female private part)... except you fried it. Usually it is stuffed with ground or shredded beef, tuna, shark, chicken, anything really and cooked much like a meatball in a tomato based sauce. You however fried it... which sounds somehow DELICIOUS! But yeah... just so you know you can call it a bollito :D

More cooking!

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