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August 2011 Archives

Late Summer BBQ Tacos

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September first you guys! I don't know about you, but for me August was rough. Like REALLY rough. Like fall off your Vespa on South Huntington rough. Like homeless for 15 days rough. Like 500 bucks in bandwith fees from your web host rough. But when life gives you raspberries (on your body cause you got road rash) you make BBQ Tacos! These things were amazing. All the flavors of a late summer bbq, rolled up in a tasty corn shell. This would be the perfect thing for your upcoming Labor Day party. Check out the BBQ tacos recipe over on tablespoon.

Pizza, Hold the Tomato, Cheese, and Nuts


Have knives, will travel has been my motto for the past few weeks. I am lucky to have so many great friends in the area that I could stay with during the time when I was homeless... er, kitchen challenged?  Or how about we just say during my gap in housing. I tried to be a good guest by at least making some food for my hosts! This meal was particularly tricky. My friend Tina was craving some good pizza. Tina however is allergic to tomatoes, dairy, and tree nuts! I like me a good challenge, so after brainstorming for a few nights, I came up with a pizza that had a red pepper based sauce and a fake "ricotta" made with tofu.

Brazilian Brigadiero


The time off last week was very much needed! It feels so good to be back though, and I am well rested and refreshed. I have a shiny new apartment with a great kitchen that I can't wait to start cooking in! This week I am going to play catch-up on a few Tablespoon articles, and show you guys some awesome dishes I made in exchange for room and board while I was homeless for 2 weeks. First up, a tasty Brazilian treat that looks and tastes like a chocolate truffle, but has the consistency of caramel! Check out the Brazilian Brigadeiro recipe over on tablespoon.



Failures, moving, work, and other summer obligations have really gotten to me! I am exausted. Im taking a week off.  But for now, enjoy these wallpapers.  Also, while I'm gone you guys can follow me on google+.  It might sound funny to my friends, because I have avoided Facebook for 7 years, but yea, I am posting somewhat regularly on there.  So check it out!  Most of these wallpapers have a dual monitor option(2560x1024) for two 1280x1024 monitors next to each other. So many awesome wallpapers over the years, so be sure to check out the archives.

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Dorayaki Ice Cream Sandwich


Pancakes as bread for an ice cream sandwich? Where have you been all my life? Check out the Dorayaki Ice Cream Sandwich recipe over on tablespoon.

Vietnamese Bun Burrito


When I get obsessed with something in the food world, my brain can't stop coming up with new ideas for those flavors. The topic of my obsession these days is Vietnamese Bun, I can't pass a new Vietnamese restaurant without stopping in and trying their version. Perfect for the hot days of august, Bun is a cooling almost pasta-salad like dish filled with everything I love. Once I had the idea of putting bun into a burrito, the recipe pretty much wrote itself. The rice noodles replace the rice, tofu replaces the beans, and all the other yummy stuff would combine to make the perfect salsa to go in my burrito.

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Fail - Homemade Tofu


A few months ago there was an article in Food and Wine about making your own tofu. It seemed like a fairly easy process, that reminded me a bit of making ricotta which I have done on many occasions. I decided to tackle the recipe. I like doing adventurous things in the kitchen, enjoy making things from scratch, consider myself a pretty advanced cook, and Food and Wine made it seem so easy. The recipe takes a few days, so first I grabbed the soy beans and got them soaking, then started doing some more research on the process. This was the first sign that things might not be as easy as implied.

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Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Pasta Salad

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So I posted this recipe on Tablespoon on Friday, and I asked people to write fruit related jokes in the comments, but I only got one comment! And it isn't a fruit joke, it just says "you nerd". Think you guys could help me out? Oh yea, and the food is pretty good too. Check out the Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Pasta Salad recipe over on Tablespoon

Spicy Mango Salad with Seared Scallops


When I made a noodle dish recently, I realized how well a mango reacts to a julienne slicer. In that dish however, the mango was sort of lost in with the noodles. This time I decided to let the spaghetti mango shine and only lightly dress it with some soy, garlic, cilantro, and habanero. This dish was super light and refreshing, and felt really elegant. Serve this as an app at your late august beach BBQ and your friends will never forget it.

Fail - Hibiscus Syrup

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This wasn't some big epic failure or anything fun like that, just a storage issue really. You see, I bought the hibiscus about 6 months ago and stored it away with the rest of my spices. As you may know, I have been cleaning out my cabinets recently because I am moving in a few days. Found the hibiscus and decided to finally do something with it. I was working on a syrup that I planned to use in a margarita, and also incorporate in a mango salsa to serve with some fish. When I first tasted the hibiscus syrup, to my surprise, it tasted like curry! The bag it came in was not airtight, and in the cabinet my other spices permeated the delicate flower. Full on curry. It was unusable.

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Beet Tzatziki


Sofra in Cambridge has been my go-to lunch spot for about 6 months now. I work nearby and love everything about this place. Most of the time I am in a hurry so I grab one of their stuffed flatbreads to go, but when I have a minute to stop and really enjoy my lunch, I like to go inside and relax with some crick-crack crackers and selections from the Mezze Bar. The only problem is that the first thing I tried from the Mezze Bar was so amazing, that I can't seem to try any of the other choices! Their beet tzatziki is so appealing to all the senses that my brain refuses to let me order anything else.

I had a craving for this tzatziki on a non-work day, and we all know the last thing you want to do on a day off is to go anywhere near work, so I decided to make some at home. I switched it up a bit, either because I was in the mood for smoother tzatziki, or because I was too lazy to shred the beets and just felt like throwing the whole mess into the blender.

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Chicken Skin Tacos with Habanero Banana Salsa


I first saw this idea on Simply Recipes, and was a mixture of intrigued, and grossed out. When I made my own version last week however, the only feeling I had was satisfaction from eating a delicious meal. These tacos were amazing. Check out the Chicken Skin Tacos with Habanero Banana Salsa recipe over on tablespoon.



Mini empanadas made from arepa dough. I made these because I had some arepa flour lying around, so I thought why not? The results came out different than I expected. Super crispy on the outside almost to the point of tortilla chips, and fluffy pilowey arepa goodness on the inside. If you sold these at a fair or amusement park, you would be rich. (If you get rich off this idea, all I ask for is a few hundred bucks and free arepanadas for life)

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Cleaning out the Kitchen: Spicy Shrimp and Corn with Bean Thread

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These cleaning out the kitchen dishes are never gonna end. Can you believe I have only lived in my apartment for 11 months? My pantry and freezer look like I have been here 10 years. In reality, I've lived in 12 different places in the past 10 years. I had some shrimp and corn in the freezer, and these bean thread cellophane noodles I actually bought by mistake about 8 months ago. Tossed in some Asian sauces and a habanero I found in the back of the veggie drawer, and I was eating in less than 20 minutes.

Grilled Skirt Steak and Bok Choy with Udon Noodles

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This almost came out like a fresh Asian pasta salad. The flavors went perfectly, and it's great for a twist on a grilled weeknight dinner. Check out the Grilled Skirt steak and bock choy udon noodles recipe over on tablespoon.

Spicy Pineapple Roll


After coring a fresh pineapple recently, I had the urge to stuff it with something. This idea wasn't going to leave my head until I finally did it, so this past weekend I made it happen. The recipe came together really easy, sushi rice would be perfect for the stuffing, some jalapeno for heat, sriracha for the savory element, and tempura flake to add crunch. Easy, creative, impressive, and delicious, everyone should make this!

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