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BPJ Vs. Habanana, Round 1: Burgers


Bacon pineapple jalapeno, or "BPJ" as my friends lovingly call it, has been a favorite flavor combo of mine for years. It started on pizza, but in the past few years I've done it to near death, with apps, ravioli, wontons, and even a cocktail. But a new contender has entered the ring to challenge BPJ as the fruit-heat-salty champion. The flavors of banana with habenero have blown my mind on multiple occasions. Pair it with something super savory like fried chicken or pulled pork and you have flavor magic! I decided to pit these 2 flavors against each other this past weekend in a burger showdown.

I mixed the peppers into the burger patties. This might be a big offense to some people, but before you write an enraged comment, check out this article I wrote about stuffing burgers. Then come back... and you know... write an enraged comment.

Get those fruits on the grill first!

So which was better?

The habanana was the underdog in this competition. As expected, the flavors were amazing, but there were a few complaints. This burger was lacking the textural component that the bacon provided in the BPJ burger. Also, bacon is hard to beat. I almost debated throwing a little pulled pork on this burger to help it battle with the bacon, but that wouldn't have helped the texture, and I really didn't have 6 hours to make pulled pork happen. Regardless, the burger tasted great. Bananas on a burger! Who knew?! The banana flavor mingled well with the beef and spicy habanero.

The BPJ burgers were also crazy delicious, and everything was just slightly more balanced, texture and flavor wise. The juicy sweet pineapple, the crunchy salty bacon, the slight spice from the jalapenos.

So there you have it folks, BPJ takes round 1 by a slight edge. The newcomer will have to step it up in round 2 if he wants to take out the people's champion.

I had planned on only eating half of each of these burgers, but 2 minutes had gone by and I looked down to find I had no burgers left.


3 things:

1 - you ate 2 full burgers? they musta been mad good! I want one of each, too :(
2 - habanana is always going to lose the fruit-heat-salty competition because it only has 2 of those ingredients: fruit and heat. it's too bad, too, because it really is an awesome combination. BPJ is just so good.
3 - the habanana burger doesn't have any color. BPJ wins here, too.

Making BPJs tonight!

You setup the habanana for failure without a salt element.

I made a H-Bomb Pizza recently (twice actually - once on each past weekend) and realized how mad I am that I didn't get to try these burgers and also that you didn't use bacon on the Habanana burger... baffling

Should add fried chicken skin to the habanana. Have you done any cripsy chicken skinrecipes?? Chicken skin is chickens bacon.

Should add fried chicken skin to the habanana. Have you done any cripsy chicken skinrecipes?? Chicken skin is chickens bacon.

You could go with your original thought, and get some homemade crispy pork skin on your habanana. It would have to be thin enough to not pull the burger apart, but after reading a few of your creations I have faith that you could come up with some extremely creative way to make it happen, cap'ain.

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