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Black Treacle Glazed Salmon


Now it's getting dark and the sky looks sticky, more like black treacle than tar.

The new Arctic Monkeys album has been in non stop rotation in my headphones since it came out about a month ago. One of my favorite songs is named after a popular British ingredient black treacle. Black treacle is a syrup that is similar to molasses and is commonly used in baked goods over there. I decided to grab some and feature it in a quick BBQ sauce that I could glaze salmon with. Most people might have trouble finding Black Treacle in their local grocery store, but luckily there is a large Irish community in my neighborhood, so many of the stores stock Irish and British products.

Ingredients for the treacle sauce.

So I thought that I was being REALLY clever putting this on salmon, but I guess it actually wasn't cleaver at all. I feel like the Sundance Kid behind a synthesizer.

This looks a lot like tar, so I guess Alex is pretty precise with his lyrics.

So thick! And dark. And sticky.

Add some vinegar and oregano and blend it up. Next this simmers for awhile to thicken up.

A quick sear, pre treacle to prevent sticking.

Sticky glaze mmmmmmmm.

This meal was delicious! Salmon is actually my least favorite fish, but the treacle glaze was a crazy bitter and sweet and it stood up to the fish balancing everything perfectly.

The fact that it was cooked perfectly didn't hurt!

For the treacle sauce I just chopped an onion and 4 cloves garlic. Cook the onion about 7 minutes in some oil. Add garlic and cook 1 minute. Add about half the tin of treacle, and an equal amount of cider vinegar. Add a tablespoon or so of chopped oregano. Simmer about 5 minute, blend, then simmer to thicken stirring occasionally for about 45 minutes.

Stream Black Treacle here, and be sure to check out the amazing 4th album by Arctic Monkeys, "Suck it and See"


I would actually eat this (fish) and try this. Looks pretty awesome, dude. I love when you make food from song lyrics.

Thanks, now I know what that 1/2 pound of treacle was in the nursery Rhyme "Pop goes the Weasel".

This looks so amazing! I have no idea if I'll be able to find black treacle, but if I can I really want to make this.

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