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Two Quick Sour Cream Dips


I was out in Western MA this past weekend for my sisters High School graduation party. I had planned to make an app for the party, but I have been so busy lately I didn't even have time to think of something appropriate. I finally had a clear head the morning of the party, but I had to promise my mom that anything I made would be quick, no actual cooking, and no mess. I whipped up a garlic and herb dip, and a chipotle cheddar dip, and they turned out to be big hits!

The first dip was garlic and herb. The addition of the cream cheese thickens it up a bit.

In the second dip, we didnt need the cream cheese as a thickener with all the cheddar. I used a whole can of chipotles in adobo sauce, but I took out some of the seeds since I was serving it to family.

Tasty and colorful. The bowls were hand crafted by the graduate herself. Maybe I could put up a link on where to buy them if she would just put up an etsy page already!!!

Red pepper flake serves as a warning that that dip has a bit of a kick.

Awww sisters enjoying a chip together.

Oh. Hello there. Oh you are looking for a recipe? Ok fine. Step 1: place delicious things into a food processor. Step 2, turn on food processor. Step 3, turn off food processor. Step 4, dip chip into deliciousness.


Where in W. Mass? I'm from Ludlow. Your pictures look great - the colors of the dips are sooo vibrant.

i'm from wilbraham, wmass represent

For Step 4 - do I need to use a chip? Can I just use crudites or my fingers?

I'm thinking the cheddar one will also make a good taco dressing...

I Love your blog, I get some really fantastic ideas from your recipes! I'm from WMass too(Springfield).

Oh yeah, I can always see myself enjoying some major snack time this weekend with that cheddar dip!

What kind of 'chipotles in adobo sauce' do you use? I've never seen anything like this in the grocery store, unless I've just skimmed over it.

Has she put up an etsy page yet?! Those bowls are gorgeous! I think I need some for myself and some to give as gifts.

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