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Scape Tied Spicy Grilled Chicken

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Garlic scapes! Every spring I throw my hands up in desperation as I pass you at the farmers market. What is your deal? Awkward, long, ropey, un-even cooking freaks of nature. What will we DO with you? When I cook with garlic scapes I end up with some burnt pieces and some undercooked pieces. Chopping them up for a saute takes all the fun out of them! Yesterday at the market I was struck with inspiration. Embrace the rope. Use them as a tie! I spiraled some pounded out chicken breasts with a fiery curry paste and secured them with a scape-tie. Did it fix the un-even cooking problem? Not really, some pieces were still burnt. Nonetheless, it was a cool way to use scapes that created a delicious and fun presentation. I will definitely revisit the idea of using scapes as a rope in the future.

First late make the curry! Quick dry-fry of the spices to wake them up a bit.

Onions browned followed by garlic, ginger, and some more chiles!

Spices and some sugar go in, followed by a little oil to make everything blend up nice.

Rub that paste right over a chicken breast that has been sliced in half (the thin way) and pounded out a bit.

Then tie it up! It's best to use the really thin part of the scape to make the knot and then tighten it up by sliding the thicker part through the knot. If that makes sence? It's kinda a trial and error thing.

All tied up and ready for the grill.

Whoa! Came out perfectly! Well not completely perfect because some of the scape was a little burnt, but other than that the flavors were awesome and the tie stayed in place nicely.

A flavorful and spicy suprise in the center.

Curry powder -
1 tea cumin
1/2 tea coriander
1/2 tea fenugreek
1/2 tea cardamom(deshelled)
1/4 tea black pepper
1/4 tea aniseed
1/4 tea yellow mustard
1/4 tea black mustard
A few cloves and a sliver of cinnamon
Dried chiles to your desired spice level
Heat in dry pan until fragrant, blend in spice grinder.

Curry Paste
Cook a diced onion in butter until very browned with a little asafoetida if you have it. Add 2 inches of ginger and 5 cloves garlic minced up (and a habanero if you want more heat like me). Cook 2 minutes. Add the curry powder and a tablespoon of sugar. Cook one minute. Add a little olive oil (just to lube it up for the blender) and blend to form a paste.

For a spice rating, I used about 5 arbols, 20 pequins, and 2 habaneros, all with seeds, and this came to about a 6.8 on the spice scale. It was a hot one!

1 Comment

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