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Kimchi Potato Salad


At first I wasn't going to post this side dish as a separate post, but it came out so good that I had to give it it's own attention! Because of that though, I don't have many pics. Regardless, this potato salad was awesome. Adding the kimchi was actually more of a shortcut than anything, so it was quick as well as delicious. Check back tomorrow to see the other stuff I cooked for this Korean influenced bbq.

I think my camera might have eaten a few of the pictures, because I swear I remember taking one of the potatoes coming out of the oven! (What... my camera can get hungry too) Anyway, here is the delicious potato salad all mixed together.

What's that other tasty lookin' stuff? You have to come back tomorrow to find out.

I had a mix of baking and red potatoes. Baked until soft on the inside. Peeled the baking potatoes and left the skin on the reds. Chop them up and mix with scallions, thin strips of carrot, sour cream, mayo, and chopped up kimchi. Mix until some of the potato is mashed and there are still some chunks. Continually taste and add more kimchi/mayo/sour cream as you need and to your liking.


This looks ridiculous.. I'm so doin' this at my next BBQ!

Very cool. How do you come up with this stuff? I used to hate kimchi but it's growing on me, and for some reason I tend to like it when prepared in less traditional dishes (my mom makes tuna fried rice with kimchi - sounds weird but it tastes great). And I love any kind of potato salad! Good job.

I'm making cold kimchi noodles for dinner tonight and this blog post caught my eye. This definitely looks interesting!

I was going to go grocery shopping, but now I'm waiting until tomorrow. I got to have that recipe!

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