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The H-Bomb Pizza


There was once a time, not long ago, when I was the pizza king of Bermuda. There were only 2 wood burning brick ovens on the island, and one of them was built by me and resided in my backyard. Pizza parties were hosted often and people came from near and far to taste the pies. The mere mention of the word pizza would cause an OFWGKTA style riot in my neighborhood. I realized this weekend that those days are over. Now, I can invite upwards of 30 people to my apartment for pizza and have not one single person show up! That won't stop me from making delicious pizzas though. The newest creation was the "H-bomb" pizza; habanero, bacon and banana. It was sort of a new take on the crowd favorite of bacon pineapple and jalapeno.

I think it's bad luck to have a pizza night and not start with a margarita.

Here is another popular pizza, salami and arugula.

Now on to the h-bomb.

Habaneros mixed in with the sauce is a sneaky surprise.

Bacon next.

Shake the peel every few seconds to make sure things aren't sticking.


Mmmmm bananas on top so that they can get some caramelization.

On the stone.

Soo good!

This pizza was super spicy, and a little sweet. The bits of bacon rounded everything out for a perfect bite each time.

The people who DID come all wanted to have face stuffing shots on the website. I am always happy to oblige!

These pizzas came out great because I left my oven on broil the whole time. This caused the burner to stay on and brought my stone up to 650! The pizzas only took about 4 and a half minutes each and cooked to a nice crispy brown. If you follow my pizza making activity on this site, you may know that I make a fairly wet dough to use in my pizza oven. This time around I made a drier version that cooked perfectly in the 650 degree conditions.

P.S. I DON'T want a bunch of apology comments about why you couldn't come for pizza, that's not why I wrote the opening paragraph. I wrote it cause I thought it was funny. I'm not mad atcha!

The pizza cheese blend was provolone, mozzarella, fontina, and pecorino. Sauce was a simple marinara of garlic sauteed in olive oil, add canned tomatoes, finish with oregano and pecorino. Dough was based on this recipe. Roll out dough, top with sauce, 3 diced habaneros, 3 slices of bacon crumbled, cheese , then bananas on top. Cook on a stone as hot as you can! Ideally the bananas will slightly caramelize.


Your pizza parties are always awesome. The best. I hope you build a brick oven here in MA somewhere.
The H-Bomb was really really good and spicy, but JBP will forever rule.

Your pizzas do look fantastic. Sorry scheduling got the best of me...

No pictures of you (and Sal) crying over spicy habaneros? I was thinking of pizza the whole day on Saturday! Also this is really random but about pecorino cheese, I just want to share that I now buy my pecorino at the Stop and Shop in Everett Street - they have a great selection there!

dude for real.
killer pizza.

Hmm... sounds a little passive-aggressive. ;) I won't apologize for not coming, but I will apologize -- or feel sorry for myself -- for not being able to try a bite of that pizza!

look at that sexy guy on the left...are those bhut jolokia's? no, those got dumped on the floor along with my spicy hopes and dreams

I brought a banana to my favorite local NY style pizza place and had them make this for me. It was awesome! I told them where I found it and recommended them put it on the menu. Now to try making it at home.

Bacon on the pizza, yet you left it out on the burger in competition with BPJ...

ahhh this pizza is so good.
still want those burgers.

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