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Pork and Banana Habanero Poppers


I've always thought that jalapeno poppers are a little awkward. Jalapenos are a little too big to eat in one bite. They vary drastically in heat level, some are super spicy while others are mild, and most importantly, you need to slice them down the side to properly stuff the things. I decided to upgrade this snack to the more appropriate habanero. They are bite sized, super flavorful, and prettier than jalapenos. You just need to make sure to remove all the seeds and scrape out the ribs and membrane of the habaneros to make them bearable to eat! I stuffed these guys with pulled pork, queso blanco, and banana, the ultimate habanero flavor complement.

MMM habaneros might be my favorite vegetable right now.

Cut the top off, then scrape the insides to remove the seeds and ribs. While I was doing this some habanero juice happened to squirt into my eye and I thought I was going to go blind. I ran into my room and collapsed on the floor and my roommates came in and made fun of me.

Habanero and banana. Best combo since bacon-pineapple-jalapeno.

I jam packed these things.

Baked at 550 for 8 or so minutes until blistering.

So good! Smoky pulled pork, fruity banana, salty cheese, spicy habanero. What more could you ask for in an appetizer?

Habs were stuffed with pulled pork, queso blanco, and banana. Bake at 550 for 8 or so minutes. Serve with milk if you are a baby.


Out of all the things I get pissed that I don't get to eat. THIS pisses me off the most.

oh man, I too have gotten habanero in my eye. And had roommates laughing at me while they ate the catfish soup that I nearly went blind for. I feel your pain. Also, these look ridiculously delicious!


it really is the best flavor combination since JBP

these are awesome looking.

what recipe did you use for the shredded pork and how long did it take?

@ Rich - You can also make pulled pork in a crockpot, if you don't feel comfortable leaving your oven on while you're in and out of the house. My crockpot makes the moistest, juiciest pulled pork on earth.

ha! if you are a baby! lol

How hot are these scrumptious looking little guys really? Will my dinner guests hate me?

You should include your chili heat scale.

No, my kitchen isn't broken. My wallet is though.

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