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Perfect Shredded Pork


Often on TFimB, I use pulled pork in a dish, but only glaze over the recipe or how I made it, focusing more on the new dish I am using it in. This week on Tablespoon, I actually go into step by step detail on how to cook the pork itself. Check out my favorite recipe for shredded pork on Tablespoon.


Do you think this would turn out okay in the slow-cooker on low rather than in a dutch oven all day? (I'd like to make it while i'm at work...)

Ha, yeah I figured that out right when I pushed POST. go figure. I think I'll try to broil a bit once it comes out of the slow cooker to get some crispy bits just for shits and giggles. Thanks for the reply and the site rules, as always.

Do you cook it uncovered?

Hands down, the only way to cook a Boston Butt. If you can't pick at the crispy, carmalized pork fat, what's the point? I liken it to comparing a boiled steak to a grilled steak.

Man, I seriously need to get a big dutch oven...this looks amazing!
Dan, I'm wondering if parsley would be an acceptable substitute for the cilantro? Or if you had some other ingredient swap suggestion? I simply cannot stand cilantro...I hate it, really; and I wouldn't want for it to ruin my experience in making this lovely shredded pork.
Thanks for any pointers. I love your food creations!

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