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Ghost Farmer


I love when I get to use my sweet farmer Dan graphic! This is the 4th year in a row that I have planted food, and each year has been very different, from where I lived to the types of things I grew. I am taking it easy this year, mostly growing some herbs, but with one wildcard. I ordered some Bhut Jolokia (ghost chile) seeds from the Waiema Bay Chili Pepper Company and am currently trying to germinate them. I have them on a heating pad because they need a temperature of around 80 degrees to germinate. I have my fingers crossed and I check on them every day, but it could take as long as a month according to the instructions! I think with 20 seeds, at least one should pop, right?

For a minute, My roomate and I pondered just putting the seeds on some pasta.

On the heating pad. Man I hope this works.

In other more successful news, some of my basil seeds sprouted in a mere 2 days!

I have basil, mint, thyme, oregano, marjoram (my secret summertime ingredient) chives and parsley.

Or I could be super trendy and top a dish with this "microbasil"

I can't wait to be able to use all these fresh herbs this summer, and I really am hoping that at least one of thoes Bhut Jolokia seeds sprouts! All I need is one!

I will update you guys on the status in a couple weeks.


I hope these jolokias kill me

Yikes! This reminds me of an episode of Chefs vs City.

I love this chili heat scale:

P.S. I have this 2011 calendar at the office. January is dedicated to the bhut jolokia with a lamb vindaloo recipe.

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