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Beastie Week: Red Curry Falafel with Basil-Carrot Raita

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Ey yo what the falafel, you got to get up awful, early, to fool Mr. Furley

It's been a long week of Beastie Boy recipes! I've really been enjoying it. I have one more for you all, a red curry falafel. I was inspired to make falafel with red curry as the seasoning because I have eaten red curry with chickpeas many times and the flavors mesh really well. I also had the idea because a couple falafel ingredients overlap with red curry ingredients. The falafel came out great, and served with a basil-carrot raita, each bite was perfection.

The raita ingredients.

The salad to go with the falafel included cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and green pepper. The secret ingredient was bean sprouts, because I thought they would match with the red curry.

Blend up the curry paste first. Ginger, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, cumin, coriander, and dried red chiles.

When the chickpeas go in, dont go overboard with the food processor. It's nice to leave some texture in the falafel.

To be honest, the first time I fried these guys, they totally disintegrated in the oil. They just kept getting smaller and smaller! So I decided to add a little flour to the mix, then coated them in a slight dusting of flour before frying.

Finally with the flour they worked out.

Salad first.

Then the falafel and sauce.

Yum, so good! I really really liked this sandwich.  The textures were perfect and the yogurt balanced nicely with the spicy falafel.  The basil was a real surprise in the raita sauce, and I think I am going to try mixing lots of new herbs with yogurt in the future!

Oh Word?  This is their most food-reference heavy song of all time!

Raita was a clove of garlic, 3 carrots(both microplaned), juice of a lemon, cup of greek yogurt, and 10 basil leaves.

Salad was cucumber, tomato, green pepper, lettuce, and bean sprouts.

The falafel was a bit interesting. My first attempt, I fried them and they just kept getting smaller and smaller until they dissapeared in the oil! Then I added some flour to the whole situation and it worked. I think the problem was that my red curry added too much liquid to the mixture.

The recipe was 3 shallots, 3 cloves garlic, 2 inches ginger, about 20 dried red chiles, teaspoon cumin, teaspoon coriander, 2 tablespoons jarred lemongrass, soy sauce. Blend it up until somewhat smooth. Add 2 cans rinsed chickpeas. Pulse but leave some texture. Add 3 tablespoons flour, mix, form small balls, coat in a dusting of flour, fry at 375 for 3 or so minutes until browned.

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I swear it wasn't me in Bear Magazine...


The falafel balls look tasty :)

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