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The Return of Wallpapers!


It's been almost a year since I posted wallpapers, something that used to be a semi regular feature on TFimB. These 10 pictures are pretty much the only ones worthy of being wallpapers the whole year! 6 of them are from the past month, so I'm thinking now that I am using the lightbox, these wallpapers will become semi regular again.  Most of these have a dual monitor option(2560x1024) for two 1280x1024 monitors next to each other. Over the years I have developed a pretty huge wallpaper collection, so be sure to check out the archives.


Beautiful photos!

I don't remember how to toggle across 2 monitors. Can you remind us?

Sorry, I knew you told us in previous posts, but I thought I looked in the archives before I posted that last comment. I guess I didn't look well, because I have found it now.
P.S. All my colleagues are impressed by the double chili pic. They always do a double take, which is funny. When I got my 3rd monitor set up yesterday, it really threw the IT chick. Haha.

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