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Pancake Fail


Nothing like a good failure to put me in my place in the kitchen! This past weekend some people were going out for my birthday, and I knew I would have some crashers in the morning. I bought all the stuff to make some over the top dessert breakfast for us all to eat hungover, but I didn't put enough effort or thought into the dish and the results were bland and uninspired. More importantly, it looked like throw-up, not the best thing for hungover people to see! When I cook breakfast, I don't deviate very far from eggs, cheese and toast, which is why you don't see many breakfasts on here. I do have one pancake recipe up my sleeve though, and when made right it comes out fantastic. I swapped ricotta for marscapone, hoping to make the pancakes sweeter and almost cheesecakey, but I altered too much in the recipe that I ruined the things that make it good.

The first fail was a blood orange curd. I tried to write my own recipe on this. Last time I made curd it felt too thick, so in my recipe I used one less egg yolk. It didn't end up thickening at all!

Making the pancakes. The egg whites are in a separate bowl and get whipped.

Then you fold them in like a souffle batter. so light, airy, and velvety.

I also served it with a nutella syrup that was just nutella and cream. The pancakes themselves were bland, and the fluffyness of the ones I had made in the past with a similar recipe was replaced by almost gummyness. They were fluffy on the grill but would deflate as I pulled them off. The sauces tasted ok, but didn't look appetizing and especially didn't look good together. Gross!


Epic failure! Not one piece of it worked haha. At least you awoke after your birthday debauchery. Was it even morning time?

Aaah, I hate when recipes fail! :( I'd probably lick the Nutella syrup off the plate anyway, though. :)

hey, shit happens when you try cook during a hungover. I tried to make blood orange margaritas recently, and it was a huge epic fail. I still dont even know what I did wrong.

I for one enjoyed the melted nutella. So much in fact, that even though it was left out for forever i still scooped some onto Dan's gelato. The orange juice and nutella mixture reminded me of something I used to do back in the day...OJ and Oreos. This may sound gross, but when orange juice is your power you can never go wrong with the combinations.

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