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Something has come up and I won't be posting for the rest of the week here. You guys can keep me amused though with more hilarious ideas for naming my indian-bbq place from Mondays post. Also, I have an awesome recipe for a middle eastern stew on Tablespoon that features lamb, green beans, and potato. Check out the fasulia recipe on Tablespoon today.  See ya next week!


The fasulia link is messed up, but it was worth googling to go find it. I have most of a lamb in my freezer & sometimes it is difficult to find interesting recipes for anything other than leg of lamb - and it turns out that lambs only come with two hind legs (and lots of other less popular parts, like shoulders.)

I'm very glad to have found your blog. I can't wait to explore it further.

I blogged about it here -- it's a lamb my parents raised. We had it professionally butchered and I forgot to tell the guy to save the organs, etc. (my husband might never forgive me) so I don't have any really weird parts. The lamb came back from the butcher in lots of neatly labeled plastic-wrapped packages -- lamb steaks, lamb ribs, lamb shanks, etc.

wow this looks tasty can i have a try :)

Looks like I need to rile you up if I want some good meals this week then. Maybe you're lost in that 200 sq. ft?

Wow, what a great recipe. Sounds delicious!

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