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Carnitas Stuffed Shells

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While my recipes are generally really tasty, because I cook new dishes almost every time I cook, many of them could use some refinement. I once made carnitas mac and cheese, trying to capture the flavors of a carnitas burrito in a pasta dish. It was good, but it didn't exactly taste like a burrito. I was able to revisit this recipe for Tablespoon last week, and the results were fantastic. Instead of all the burrito ingredients strewn about in the pasta casserole, I packed individual shells like mini pasta tacos of deliciousness and poured a queso sauce over the whole mess. This meal was a total winner and I think everyone should make it! check out my recipe for Carnitas stuffed shells on Tablespoon.

1 Comment

I can't believe this has no comments. I am also a burrito addict. Carnitas burritos, to be specific. I eat one from local joint at least once a week. The only thing I like half as much as burritos is pasta. I am intrigued by this recipe and I intend to make it soon.

I just discovered your blog (it was recommended by my brother) and I am super impressed. I love that you invent recipes. It is something I do, sometimes, though not quite as successfully as you do. I am now a reader for life.

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