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Total Spice Makeover


I got a bunch of mini glass jars as a Christmas gift, and I thought that they would be perfect for my spices! I have been holding on to my spices in various bags and boxes for the past year, and I couldn't wait to get them into some more convenient packaging. I now LOVE my spice situation, and with my grinder nearby, I can make any spice blend at the drop of a hat!

This is the old way I used to carry my spices.

I even took them to go!

I got them out and ready to pack away into the new containers.

I even modified some to make easy to use in the future. These are some chunky red pepper flakes.

A perfect spice cabinet.

If you want to know more about the spices shown, check out this spice writeup i did for tablespoon. Otherwise, Check back here where I use these spices all the time!


Those jars are awesome! I have a little spice rack that was a hand-me-down. I think when we get our own place again, I will be finding me some awesome little jars!

Do you just know what they are, or do you have the tops labeled?

I am jealous of that spice cabinet and those perfect little spice jars!! I like how you traveled with your spices.

Hi! I just found your site off of More Than A Mountfull. Love the little jars, they make all the spices look attractive and orderly!

I got some jars like that for a friend for Christmas! They're from World Market and really affordable. That spice set up is beautiful and I love seeing I'm not the only food-geek who travels with spices. :)

i am so jealous, i cannot believe it. it's irrational and yet, i covet your spice cabinet with astounding amounts of jealousy!

look how pretty! look how clean! my OCD and foodie traits are obsessed.

i am pretty sure i just found my new weekend activity. my roommate is NOT going to be happy with my reorganizing the kitchen so i can have an entire shelf but... the dream must be realized!

hah, thanks so much for posting :)
love your blog!

Your spice gringer (ahem, coffee grinder) has seemed to last awhile. Do you recommend any brands?

I also organized my spices!

That's my blog with my organization. I live in an apartment, so I needed something that didn't get in my way.

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