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For some reason, my brain is mush this week and every time I try and write anything it takes me way too long and I just end up deleting it all and starting over.(for example this terrible paragraph (terrigraph) took me like 25 minutes) Normally I write posts really fast and without hesitation, and not being able to articulate what I want to say drives me crazy. I suppose you could just call it a brain hangover from going at 200% for the past two months. Anyways, I tried to have a normal blog week, but it isn't going  well, so I'm gonna call it a week. I have some awesome food ideas kicking around, so I am pumped to get back to regularly scheduled programming next week, and hopefully I can play some catch-up in the kitchen this weekend. If there are any food ideas you guys have that you want me to tackle, let me know in the comments.


lol...[whispering] some foodie fight might clear away the mush... ;)

I definitely agree with the foodie fights suggestion. I've been having major culinary brain farts as well, I have six cans of sardines in olive oil and can't figure out what to do with them for the life of me.

Ok, i slept on these ideas for you, since I'm an idea man and all. Well really because I know I directly benefit from all the food you make.

I'll start with how my train of thought went:

What about some kind of chicken pot pie? But use steak instead. And well, that sauce inside probably would have to change inside. Then I thought, the inside would just be a beef stew, with an outer shell so I don't know about that. Hmm, haven't had any Indian in a while, what if that pot pie had Indian inside? Wait, what if you made a shepherds pie but instead of corn and meat you used spicy vindaloo? Or what if you made potato cakes with spicy vindaloo inside? What about a slice of pizza? Or one of you mini round pizzas, in a quesadilla?

And that right there was my thought process before I went to bed. Always looking out for you man.

I don't know how more people haven't got mental health problems?
Thinking is one of the most stressful things I've ever come across...

BBQ Food is good.

In the midst of cold snowy winter, I agree with Rich. How about a we dream of summer menu?

I like the we dream of summer menu idea! Summer foods wrapped up into winter comfort meals. Winter for me is all about soup. I eat tons of it. I'd like to see some more creative soup ideas.

As an aside, I read a magazine blurb recently that Jack Black (the actor) is the chef in his family. His specialty is a Macaroni Cheeseburger Burrito! The mind reels...

What if you tackled Momofuku's ramen noodle soup. Everyone loves ramen. And with a soft poached egg on top, soooo good!!! OR you could come up with your version of shrimp and grits. I see you haven't played with that always delicious combo of flavors :)

When I'm feeling un-inspired, I go out to eat at a new/different restaurant. You might have a great meal which you can make yourself sometime. You might have a horrible meal, which you know you can make better.
Calenders help me find different holidays or religious events that always have foods involved. If I'm really bored, I pick up something from the grocery that I have little or no experience with (Asian markets have some strange stuff)
Surfing through other food blogs can be inspiring, too.

You ever think about home brewing? I bet you could make some wicked good beer.

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