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Roasted Aloo Gobi and Feedback


Aloo Gobi is delicious, but sometimes comes out as a mush of flavors. This recipe roasts the potatoes and cauliflower instead of cooking it all together in the pan to help the final dish have some clarity. The recipe is up on Tablespoon today. Also when you hit up tablespoon, you may notice that the site has been totally redesigned and relaunched. It is looking awesome and I am really proud to be part of the team! That leads me to my next questions. Do you guys like my posts on tablespoon? Do you go there and read them? It is basically the same stuff I would normally put on here, just on there instead. Do you like that I always post the tablespoon recipes on TFIMB too to make sure you check them out? Unrelated, Are people still getting the malware warning screen? I really am pretty sure that the malware is gone, but google is taking forever to re-scan my site and take down the message! Lastly, I know some of you are dieing for Foodie Fights to come back, and I know I have said this almost weekly since it went down, but I hope to announce a new battle a week from today... So leave me a comment answering these questions, or asking any other questions, or feel free to email me instead!


(Read often. Don't usually comment.) I do go to Tablespoon to read the post, and I've enjoyed exploring that site as well. My anti-virus is blocking traffic from your site, but I don't know if that's related to the malware. Also, your ingredient list on tablespoon did not include tomatoes, but it's in the directions. How much tomato should be used?

I never got any malware at your site...
I use firefox on a pc.

i read and comment on tablespoon.
I like it there, but wish it was here, sometimes, cuz their layout isn't as easily navigated as your site is.

My RSS reader doesn't know that I've read your latest post. Maybe that has something to do with your Malware issues still? Firefox on a Mac.

Yo Dan! I definitely dig the Tablespoon posts and it's definitely a major help that you add them to TFIMB also! And I haven't seen any malware screens since you've fixed the problem so all is well on that front!

The idea of you posting on Tablespoon is fine, but my only complaint is that the pics on Tablespoon are smaller, and when you put text labels on the ingredients they can be hard to read.

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