Leek and Mushroom Soup

This tasty soup was brought to the party by Emma. When I first heard Mushroom and Leek soup (on our shared “what are you bringing to thanksgiving” spreadsheet), I was pretty unenthused for it. (ps, I just nailed that last sentence… Writing!) But when I had a bowl, things changed completely! This was one of the few things at the party that I actually got seconds of. There was a great depth of flavor for a soup that didn’t have meat or long cooking times. Super earthy and cozy, this is what soup should taste like.

Whoa man, these mushrooms are trippin me out! Or maybe it’s the reflection in the bowl.

2 separate pans is a nice shortcut from the way epicurious says to do it. Nice move!

The leeks and mushrooms all in together looking kinda gross and mushy. Don’t let looks deceive you though! Because they were sauteed separately, they each retain their own flavor profile for a nice effect in the final product. After this, the stock was added and she packed it away and headed over to my place.

Emma is the one on the right double fisting a beer and some rummy egg nog.

The soup simmered away on my stove while the rest of the dishes were finished/heated up and the bird(s) were resting.

What a feast we had.

So good!

The leek and mushroom soup recipe that Emma followed can be found at epicurious.