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Korean Mandoo


I first was introduced to the Korean dumpling known as Mandoo by my good friend Amy in Bermuda. These Korean Mandoo I posted on Tablespoon today are crunchy on the outside and packed with flavor and warmth on the inside. They would be great to pass around at the begining of your holiday function!


Sounds similar to an Indian samosa. My husband is originally from India so we had samosas and Deviled Eggs with Mango Chutney as part of the appetizers for Thanksgiving this year. The rest of the dinner was pretty American - but its nice to have an appetizer with a little heat for a change.

Dang, I just noticed this. A nice early birthday tribute to me! (Haha, not really, but that's how I will take it). You were just one day early. And of course I treated myself to a Korean birthday dinner. I'm so glad you have joined in my obsession.

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