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Carrot and Leek Soup


The inspiration for this soup came pretty much from the fact that I didn't feel like going to the store on a cold rainy Sunday. My sister gave me one of the last bags from her CSA this year. There were some beautiful carrots and leeks in there, so I decided to make them into soup. The soup came out great. Silky smooth, super savory, warming, and comforting on that cold afternoon.

Stars of the show.

Vodka soda - essential, but not in the soup.

Leeks and onions cooked down till almost brown.

These are just what my friend had around, you can use all, some or none of these spices.

After the carrots went stock and water and this simmered for awhile. Blend, then finish with some cream and Parmesan.

Lorraine had some biscuits we ate with the soup.

Perfect for a cold afternoon.

6 small/medium leeks 8 HUGE carrots 1 onion 4 cloves garlic half stick butter 1/2 cup parm 1/2 cup cream 1 box stock 2 Bay Leaves Optional pinch of one or more of the following: Ginger Clove Nutmeg Paprika Sage

Cook the leek and onions in the butter until they darken and are on the verge of browning, but not quite there yet. Next goes garlic, the spices, and then 2 minutes later the carrots. Cook about 5 minutes stirring occasionally. Add the box of stock, then fill the box with water and add that. Simmer about 45 minutes, puree, and add cheese and cream.


This is hilarious to me because that CSA was horrible, in the beginning we would get so excited when Tuesday came around and then 30 weeks later, the girl I was splitting my share with, and I, would push the produce on each other cause we didn't want to take it home. Every week the veggies would go bad with in 2 days. I have never in my life seen a carrot go mushy until this CSA, and then I saw it happen every week, only 2 days after receiving my bag. Sure enough the week after the CSA is over and the lonely bag is sitting (un-split cause I lost the fight)in my fridge, you take it and everything is in great shape. I don't get it. Either way glad it didn't go to waste (again). Looks great, enjoy it cause it's not happening next year.

I am making this soup RIGHT now and it is fantastic. I did make a few alterations based on what I dig for spices. One less bay leaf. Shaved in ginger at the end of the leek/onion sweat. Also added cardamon and dashes of ground red pepper in addition to your spices. So far it is amazing. One other thing I did, a trick I do with my lentil soup to give it velvety texture and density, without cheese: puree chickpeas, throw in with the main simmer. I picked the tip up from a letter written to bon appetite about a hearty curry lentil soup some dude had in an unnamed french roadside place. I did about 2 weeks research on carrot leek before coming across yours and recognizing orange nirvana. Thanks!!!!

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