I don’t know if this is happening elsewhere in the country, but in Boston right now, it seems like everyone is freaking out about the newest caffeinated alcohol drink called fourloko. I dont know if anyone has told this gem of wisdom to the news: The best way to get college kids to drink something is to tell them it is very dangerous and that they shouldn’t drink it. I guess it worked, cause fourloko is flying off the shelves! The guy at the liquor store said that noone was buying them, but ever since they were on the news he can’t keep them in stock. The last few weekends in a row I have seen a friend drinking one just to be funny. This was the fourth year in a row that this group of friends has gotten together for thanksgiving, and every year the tradition is to drink a whole jug of carlo rossi during dinner. Someone had the genius idea of mixing the wine with the fourloko, and magic occurred!

1-1 ratio, and you have to use the watermelon flavor.

I thought this was going to be a grossed out reaction to drinking carloko, but it actually looks like he is enjoying it!

Overheard in the room: “Tastes like nerds”, “tastes like jolly rancher”, “this is what heaven tastes like”, “Does adding carlo to fourloko make death more or less probable?”, “by some miracle of science, 2 bad drinks mixed together create candy flavored happy juice”.

It was actually pretty funny because I was standing by with the camera ready to take a picture of the pukey face I thought everyone was about to make, but surprisingly they all liked it.

What’s NOT PICTURED, was when someone added a scoop of strawberry sorbet to the drink, dubbing it the carloko-floato. That’s the stuff legends are made of, but I cant display it on the website cause it might melt your eyeballs

Better make your carloko quick! Massachusetts is supposed to be imposing some heavy regulations on Monday about where you can and can not get these, and I guess the FDA is making some announcement about caffeinated alcoholic drinks tomorrow. Because the FDA also seems to have missed the memo about what makes college kids really want to drink something. Oh well, there is always redbull and vodka!