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Beef and Bean Arepa


I will be the first to admit that I've been a little slacky with the blog this week, but not to worry, good stuff is on the way! I am hosting thanksgiving this weekend with a bunch of friends, so I will have a ton of thanksgiving recipes for you guys to cook for your families this year!   Also what's up with 2 tablespoon posts this week?   Well my deal with them is 5 per month, so sometimes there will be 2 in a week. Deal with it!  Some cool news though about the tablespoon website, my blog friend and rival Macheesmo has joined the taste for adventure team! Check out his donut recipe. We have a pretty great crew assembled there now, so stay tuned for some awesome recipes.

Speaking of recipes, I love making arepas and each time I do it gets easier, and the final product comes out better! I highly suggest getting into the arepa habit. This arepa recipe I posted today on Tablespoon was a big hit a few Sundays ago when my friends were over watching football. Check it out and make some for your friends this weekend!


I'm not gonna lie I was a bit sad that the blog was a bit quieter this week, but Macheesmo's Donut Recipe looked so good it totally made up for it! Tomorrow is totally gonna be donut day at this house. Bella's gonna love it! The Arepa's looked awesome too but not quiet at toddler friendly. :)

Taste of Adventure is where da party at!

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