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Next Week is Pie Week


Next week is a short one. I take any holiday big or small, regional, national, international, or even personal(hungover monday?), as an excuse to take a day off! That being said, assuming that I get my act together on this long weekend, next week is pie week! Who doesn't love pie? Some stuff is not gonna be what you are expecting though. If you look at these past pies below, you will get an idea of some of the stuff to expect next week. I think this long weekend might be just the right time for some of you to try one of these pies!

Cherry pie was the best sweet pie I have ever eaten.

Apple Pie - The classic.

BBQ Shortrib Shephards Pie... Amazing.

Jamie Oliver Lamb Shank Pie... Not that good! But Pretty.

Asparagus Tart. That's a pie right?

Moroccan Bisteeya. Sweet and Savory, Weird and Delicious.

Individual Buffalo Chicken Pot Pies. Amazing and Good Memories with Friends

Timpano - Completely Ridiculous

Epic Timpano - Even More Ridiculous!

Quick note: if you are a food blogger in the Boston area, and are around this weekend, I am going to brunch with a few other bloggers, so E-mail Me if you want in!


Hi Dan!

I have been avidly reading your blog for a few weeks now, since google sent me here whilst looking for some random recipe, as you do...

Just wanted to say I'm a HUGE fan and I think you're amazing!
I haven't yet tried any of your recipes, but I plan to cos they all look and sound delicious! It will be a challenge tho cos I can't cook with cheese as my husband is "allergic" to it. (I know, I know, what a sad existence...)


Just wanted to introduce myself now that I have read ALL of TFIMB so far :)

Keep up with the good work,

Joy x

Hi Dan!

Just wanted to say how much this post made me smile. I do something similar- it's called pie time and is a tradition with my friends. Love pie. Can't get enough.

Check out my blog! coincidently i have only just blogged about pie time!

Your blog is fantastic, looking forward to reading more.


Hey man, your link of Jamie's Lamb Shank Pie has an error, because you it is linked as hhttp instead of http. Do correct it, and remember to contact me if you're ever coming to Singapore!

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