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Meat-Tart with Homemade Ranch Dip


Hand pies are pretty awesome things. This recipe came about when a friend was coming over to catch up on a TV show and we were going to make dinner first. I made a quick pie crust just in case, cause with a pie crust in the fridge you just feel safe. At the grocery store we were kind of wandering, when I said "whatever we buy, we can just toss in some pie crust". This is what we ended up with!

A quick homemade buttermilk ranch to dip the meat-tarts in.

Beef with cabbage and a little bit of cumin.

Make sure you roll the pie crust out really thin!

A fork to seal the edges.

Some egg yolk and water helped the pies brown nicely.


My favorite pie crust recipe.

The ranch was 1 cup buttermilk, 1/4 cup mayo, 1/4 cup sour cream, handful cilantro, 1 bunch scallions, teaspoon mustard powder, teaspoon smoked paprika, 2 teaspoons pepper, 1 clove garlic.


My kinda pop-tart.

meat pop tart. hubby would love me if i made these.

This looks good. I'll definitely be trying soon, probably with premade dough (weak, I know) and maybe ground turkey instead of beef. I wonder if a thin layer of mashed potatos would be good in there too.

Do you think I could make this with leftover chili? I'm making some turkey and sweet potato chili for dinner tonight, but these look too good not to try.

And ranch dressing? I swear to god, I always thought ranch was made with some kind of super secret chemical blend (like day-glo orange nacho cheese). I make mine at home, but I use the Hidden Valley spice mix and add chipotles. I am so jealous of your knowledge of cookery.

Poptarts with meat in them?! Genius! Also, I love how you made the ranch from scratch. Perfect for those eating unprocessed diets this month!

I tried it! I used ground turkey instead, store bought dough, and put a layer of mashed potatos in. I made the mashed potatoes in the food processer and tossed 6 or 7 cooked broccoli flowerets in with some milk and butter before I mashed em up. Tasty.
I rolled the dough out a little like you suggested. The thickness turned out good, but as expected, store bought dough's taste wasn't that great. I was just too lazy to make it myself.
I also over stuffed them a little bit so mine weren't as visually appealing as yours.
Overall though, it was a success. Thanks for the ideas.

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