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Deep Dish Pizza is actually Pie


Back to the severed pie week!  I had a few friends coming over to stay the weekend, and I wanted to make pizza but didn't want the hassle that comes with making pizza the way I like to make pizza(the way an obsessive maniac makes pizza). I decided to try a recipe I have been eyeing for awhile from Macheesmo's website for deep dish. It seemed pretty easy, and the do-ahead stuff would set me up nice to make the pizzas even if I didn't feel like cooking on that Saturday afternoon. Nick already mentioned this in his post, but this pizza is a real eye opener to the world of deep dish. Deep dish kinda has a bad reputation, and I think there is only uno reason for that (zing!). This crust was flaky yet airy, not like that overly heavy, doughy, greasy crust I am used to on a deep dish pizza. The other pro was that it was super easy to make for a crowd.

Macheesmo says to make the crust before you use it, or freeze it for later. I actually made it 2 days ahead and just left it in the fridge and it still came out perfect! The dough is really easy to work with and I actually kneaded it by hand with no trouble. Pictured above is the part of the process where you roll the dough out after the first rise and spread butter on it.  Again, Nick explains this REALLY well on his post.

Then you roll and fold it to weave the butter throughout the dough. After this is when the dough went into the fridge for 2 days.

Quick tangent. Have you guys been "iceing" people? You know, when you hide a smirnoff ice (the worst drink ever) and surprise an unsuspecting victim with it? The ice-ee is then forced to chug the whole bottle on their knees.

Well before the weekend, my roommate and I snuck an ice into his loaf of Italian bread.

My friend was shocked when he cut a slice of bread and saw the cap sitting there perfectly hidden!

Of course, he had to follow the rules of the game.  He looks pretty upset about it... Ice in moderation kiddies!

Ok, back to the pizzas.

I made these in pie tins to further prove my point that this pizza is in fact a pie.

For one, I did a layer of garlic mashed potatoes, a layer of tomato sauce, a layer of sausage, more potatoes, and cheese on top.

Tuck the crust up higher around the fillings.

When I pulled this from the oven all i could do was laugh at the amazingness. Maybe it was cause I had been iced a few times though...

It came right out of the pie pan with ease.

The other one I made was a simple salami and cheese. While the potato one was awesome and more interesting/unique, this was the for sure taste favorite of the day.

Did I mention that these pizzas were awesome?

Go to Macheesmo's site for the recipe, because he explains it far better than I ever could.


This looks so good! I am for sure doing this one this weekend!!!

Thanks for the link love man.

That ICEING is the best I've seen so far I think.

Wow, that pizza looks delicious! I've never tried a deep dish pizza (I imagine it's rather like a pie :p) but now I'm keen. And I love the "iceing" - niiiiiice party trick!

That smirnoff in the bread is one of the greatest ideas I've seen yet! This deep dish looks amazing as well!

I got passive aggressively iced once. My guy friend had gone to a party where people were icing others so he took an Ice from the fridge as a defense mechanism. When I met up with him later that night he claimed he was tired from holding it all night and asked me to put it in my purse. Without thinking I of course said yes.



man i was inspired by this post to make a mashed potato pizza like you did, but i had to use premade pizza dough and it wasn't tall enough to hold the mashed potatos.

I haven't heard of icing! That should go over well during Fiesta here. With all of the awesome pizzas you make, you should get a proper oven:

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