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Beef and Broccoli Soup

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It's downright freezing and rainy over here, and it's been for weeks! Give me some sunny crisp fall weather please! I ride a vespa to work and I would like to get some more mileage out of it. This was an awesome soup for after a freezing cold and wet vespa ride. Warm broth, warm spice, all around warm! I was going to make a normal cheese broccoli soup that night, but during the day my mind brought me to this asian beef and broccoli, and im glad it did. The flavors were familiar yet different, comforting yet new. The korean marinade woke up a soup that can sometimes be muddled and bland.

First I made a korean marinade for some thinly sliced sirloin.

I also boiled some brocoli in chicken stock until it was tender, then blended it till thick and smooth.

Now comes the flavor. Onions cooked until brown, add garlic, ginger, and chiles.

Then add the beef and all it's marinade.

Then add the stock. Yum!

The soup never seems to fully come together. There is always a nice red swirl going on.

Some cilantro and sesame oil on top.

This soup lasted me for days of lunches. Soo good!

The marinade was Gochujang, sesame oil, soy sauce, brown sugar. Just enough to cover the beef and a little more. The stock was chicken stock and broccoli. Again, just enough stock to cover the broccoli. Carmalized onions, garlic, ginger, and chiles in the pot, followed by the beef with the marinade, then the pureed broc-stock. I added some baby corn at the end and simmered it all for a few minutes till the beef was tender and awesome.

1 Comment

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