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Sauerkraut Pizza


My friend Lorraine has been bugging me to cook sauerkraut for a few weeks. I was looking through some of her family recipes, and saw something her grandmother used to make called "kapushniki" (mostly referred to as "pagach" on the web), that was lovingly known as sauerkraut pizza to her relatives. This was a savory pastry dough filled with potato or fried sauerkraut and usually served on holidays, particularly Christmas. I thought I would use the kapushniki as inspiration, and combine the 2 varieties into one awesome pizza at my latest pizza party. I told some people what was on the menu as they arrived. Pizza margarita, salami with arugula, mac and cheese pizza, BBQ chicken, steak with roasted red peppers, and of course sauerkraut pizza. This was greeted with a strange reaction by most of my friends, and even a few "I will have to pass on that one" comments, but at the end of the party, 10 out of 12 said that the mash potato sauerkraut pizza was by far their favorite of the night!

I mixed the potatoes with a ton of cream and butter so it almost became a potatoey cream sauce for the pizza.

Rinsing the sauerkraut.

Frying the sauerkraut in butter with some thinly sliced onions.

At this point, it was pretty obvious that this pizza was gonna be amazing.

And yes, it was.

"the food in his 'stach" loves taking big bite pictures.

I'm surprised I even got pics of this thing it went so fast.

Thanks for the idea Lorraine, and have fun in SF this weekend! Tell Sean and Michelle I said hi and wish I was there.


This was so freaking amazing. I can't wait to make it on my own!

Hahaha the food in my 'stach', oh god thats funny!

it really was so good, and i was one of the original naysayers (spelling?)

nice face stuffing shot of me again :)

Wow. So creative. Looks delish...

ok this is a keeper for sure.
i want to experiment with this one.
do you think a layer of non-sharp cheese would work? like a colby? and it screams for knockwurst...those really good ones at whole foods.

Did you ever try this again? I'm trying it tonight, but wondering about CHEESE!!

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