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Garlicy Green Bean Mash Potato Pork Sausage

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There are a few reasons for sausage week this week. One was because the green curry sausage was hitting Tablespoon yesterday. The Second reason is because I suddenly have access to an amazing professional sausage stuffer. This thing is awesome! It totally beats stuffing sausage with a pastry bag! It is really easy and fun to use. The third reason was my friend Kim's Birthday was this weekend so sausages were a good thing to bring to the party.  I could cook for the party, but not have to do any prep there.  This sausage variety came about because green beans and mash potatoes are two of Kims favorite foods, so why not combine them with pork and into a portable/edible form?

Sausage casings. These things might be gross to you if you have never worked with them, but you get used to it really quick.

Green beans. In a sausage. Unheard of.

Garlic and coriander, little bit of anise, salt and pepper.

Grinding the pork.

It was then that I knew this would be awesome. Before this moment I was worried that the mash potato would be weird in there.

So this is the sausage stuffer I speak of. I love it!

Like loading a cannon!

The casing all bunched up over where the meat is about to come out.


It's hard to take pictures of this, and do it at the same time. This is not really how it should look!

I filled the whole casing, then twisted off individual sausages.

I can assure you that these explosions are not from the sausage, but from the crazy heat I put them on on the grill. I wasn't exactly in the best condition to hold a steady grill temp, combined with a lack of utensils. Even with these setbacks, it was awesome to be grilling on the beach for the first time in a whole year! I used to do it every other weekend.

Kim stuffing one in her face.

Yum. So in an ideal world, these would be topped with a little gravy and some onion straws, but who lives in an ideal world?

I used a box of mash potatoes, a whole head of garlic, one bag of steam-in-bag green beans, 1/2 cup of sugar, lots of salt and pepper, 4 lbs boneless pork spareribs, and 3 slices of bacon. loose grind on the pork, but grind the bacon and extra fat from the ribs to a paste. (by grind i mean food process)

As I mentioned, onion straws would be a key sandwich topper. I actually didn't get to try these!!! can anyone talk about the taste? I was kinda bummed I didn't grab one. The other 2 sausages from that day I ate ahead of time to be sure they were good before serving to the crowd.

More sausage tomorrow, and more beach and party pics Friday.

1 Comment

These were SO GOOD!

Thanks so much Dan for making these!! Everyone REALLY enjoyed em!

ps. I need a facial apparently.

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