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Boo Berry Ice Cream at


Things are going to be a little slacky (that insn't a word) around here this week because I am in the process of moving (yet again, and this time seemingly along with every single person in Boston) and it is taking some time getting the kitchen together.  For the summer I was subletting with some girls, so the kitchen was already ready for me when I got there.  Now I am moving in with a couple guys and they have nothing! Good thing I have 5 boxes of kitchen gear ready to roll.  In the mean time, Check out this awesome Boo Berry "Cereal Milk" Ice Cream Recipe I posted on today.  Boo Berry is awesome, and so was this tasty dessert!


Honestly, the best cereal in the world = best ice cream in the world.
I could eat this every day.

A...MAZE...ING!!!! Can't wait to try it!

This looks PHENOMENAL. Boo Berry is one of MANYYYYyyy American cereals I've been dying to try my whole life. So far up my alley it's ridiculous.

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