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Grilled Veggie Pasta Primavera


I made a pasta primavera last night with some grilled summer veggies. Its been soo hot out anything but grilling is out of the question! This came out really nice with the flavors of the grill permeating throughout the dish. A fun and different take on pasta primavera!

I just went to the market and got whatever looked good, stuffed it into my backpack and pedaled home!

I cut everything into strips so it wouldnt fall through the grill grates. The grates have way bigger holes than I thought because I am not used to this new grill yet, so I lost a lot of good men that day.

When the veggies were done, I mixed them with pasta and some ricotta and basil.

Very tasty! Smokey from the grill but the veggies still have some bite to them.

I was excited about the radiccio but it actually came out a bit too bitter(even for me who loves things bitter). Everything else was great! I am not even the biggest fan of mushrooms but these portobellos made me want to apologize to mushrooms everywhere for badmouthing them.


I knew eventually you'd like mushrooms!

That's a full grill!

That looks really simple and delicious.

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