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Fail: Bacon Pineapple Jalapeno Ice Cream

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This was a great idea. Fans of the site know that I can't get enough of certain flavor combinations, and bacon pineapple jalapeno is one of them. I mean, I've seen bacon icecream before, and it's a no brainer, cream + bacon = awesome. (x + bacon = awesome?) We've all see the bacon desserts floating around the internet, and they taste great, like a chocolate covered pretzel times 100. So what went wrong here? I made a dumb error that I will tell you about now.

Pineapple and Jalapeno ready to get blended.

Bacon cooked.  Cream and milk go in to steep with the bacon to absorb the full bacon flavor.

I tasted this and it was coming out great!

Sugar went in along with some bacon crumbles, and the bacon slices came out because they already gave up most of their flavor. At this point I needed to let the mixture cool, then add the pineapple and jalapeno and let it sit overnight before churning. But it was getting late, and I was tired...

So I added the pineapple and jalapeno before it cooled. This is the actual shot of the moment of failure.

Instant ricotta! You can't put acid into hot milk!!! And I've made ricotta so many times, I know this. This is separated and gross.

I tried to salvage it by straining the curds to make pineapple bacon jalapeno ricotta, but it tasted really really bitter.

Too bad. I am going to have to try this one again. After the wounds heal.

1 Comment

Ah, so sad! But failures are good every once in awhile. You've been on a roll, so it was bound to happen.

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