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Top Beard!


Top Chef Started it's 7th season last night, and as always, I am here to choose the beard winner. The beards are a bit weaker this year than in past seasons. There are more people with facial hair, but less people with full-on beard situations. Last year in the finale, Kevin (the guy with the crazy red beard) mentioned websites talking about his beard and a facebook fanpage for it, and I like to think that it all started right here! (because I am delusional) Maybe he even saw my site? Aaaaaaaanyways. I am taking a long weekend. Busy busy busy. I will be back with a foodiefight post on Tuesday (Battle Ancho - Honey, sign up now!) and normal recipes resuming Wednesday.

Timothy has the pencil mustache paired with a soul patch.

Alex is rocking the bald head soul patch ala Tom Colicchio. Maybe he is trying to score some points from Tom with an homage to his hairstyles?

Angelo didn't expect to be on this list, but he forgot to shave this morning.

Kevin cuts a little low on the cheeks. I'm not a neck-beard fan.

Kenny is the only guy with a legit full on beard. Congrats! you get the full endorsement from TFIMB.

hair honorable mention:

What is THIS all about?

I didn't catch the show last night. Did Kenny live up to his beard? Or was he the first to leave? How was everyone else? Have a good weekend everyone, be back Tuesday!


I never got the point of growing a beard that required twice as much maintenance time as shaving. A goatee is fine ... you just shave down the sides but skip the chin. But these things that take special trimmers and an hour in the mirror, this facial topiary garden business ... I just don't get it.

Roombot makes that robot vacuum cleaner ... maybe a programmable robot shaver that attaches to your face while you listen to a podcast or something?

So you missed the show last night. Could it be because of that sister who is "enjoying" a less complicated more spartan (hence no TV)life?? Oh well, maybe you could catch it on HULU.... jk! Love you both .


Kenny definitely has the only respectable beard out of the group.

I don't have cable these days so I can't even watch, but I hope somebody snips off that dude's lone dread that's hangin' down by his ear.

Kenny is amazing, I have a feeling hes gonna win!

HATE goatees... they're hideous.

it's worthwhile to spend the time (although an hour is a bit much, even I don't spend that much time in the bathroom) on properly groomed and sculpted facial hair...
beards and mustaches!!! yea!

Well, I know who I'm rooting for (when I get a chance to watch the damn thing, anyhow).

Just discovered your blog via your awesome bisteeya post. I am also a fan of both food and beards. Will be reading from here on out.

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