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Sundried Cherry and Sausage Grilled Pizza


Welcome to Cherry Week!  I know you guys are expecting pie on cherry week, so here you go! What? This isn't the kinda cherry pie you were thinking of? But it was still really good! I dried the cherries in the sun all day, then diced them and put them into olive oil with parm, marjoram, salt, and pepper. I used this oil as the sauce on a white pizza with a little sausage, bit of cheese, and arugula. It was really tasty, and a great start to cherry week!

To dry the cherries, I just pitted them, dried them off on a paper towel, and put them out in the sun.

About 6 hours later. These are sour cherries, but they were much sweeter dried. (still sour though)

These would be great on a salad, in ice cream, or in something that you guys are gonna see later in cherry week!

Lots of oil on the dough to stop it from sticking to the grill.


Arugula goes on after the cooking.

Peppery arugula, tart/sweet cherries, savory sausage, this pizza tasted great!<

This pizza would be pretty awesome with some caramelized fennel, in place of, or with, the sausage. The cherry oil mixture would also be great just to serve with a crusty bread. The cherry flavor was subtle, but it was still a major part of the flavor profile of this pizza.  Cherry Week!


Cherries on my pizza ... that I can do. But interesting timing that we sampled some kriek-style beers this weekend, and I have no idea why anyone ever thought crazy-sour cherry juice in a beer was a good idea. Cheers!

Sun-dried cherries are one of my favorite ingredient to add to a dish! My fav sun-dried cherry dish is risotto with asparagus and sun dried cherries. I'll have to try putting them on pizza- brilliant!

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